Finding The Best Hangar Home Design Options

by KenRisley on December 12, 2013

Hangar Home in Northern Florida For many potential homeowners, the chance to find the perfect residence can be the opportunity of a lifetime. When you have interest in aviation, or own a plane, a hangar home design may be the best solution for your family. A hangar home is a unique structure that combines the storage of your airplane with your family residence. They are often located near a runway or taxi way (which are usually the neighborhood roads which join the runways. Learning more about these structures and the benefits they have to offer, can be an important undertaking for anyone seeking to find the residence of their dreams. There is NOTHING like living with your airplane. A properly designed hangar home structure can be the perfect place for you to store your aircraft and other equipment, while providing a unique living opportunity. Every hangar home design is unique and created with your needs in mind. Since there are many different aircrafts sizes and designs, this needs to be taken into consideration when designing your structure. In addition local and state laws must be understood in the design stage, so as to prevent costly design errors The needs and desires of all the people living in the home must also be considered. Often only one is a pilot. All need to be happy with the home. Working with a hangar home designer, an Engineer and builder is the first thing you need to ensure so that you can fully realize your dreams of owning a hangar home. Those who fail to seek out an experienced hangar home designer may find themselves having to deal with unexpected design and construction issues that could have been resolved in the design stage. Working with the best hangar home designer can be the first and most important decision you make, when it comes to creating the home of your dreams. The best hangar home designs come from understanding the individual needs of both the aircraft owner and their family. An experienced designer or Engineer will ensure he or she fully understands all the requirements before beginning the actual design. Custom designs are normal when talking about hangar homes because of the different property, desired locations of the structures and any physical limitations that may be present. In addition the designer must consider the size of the aircraft along with the size of the family residing in the home. The size of the building will determine if the building will fall under residential or commercial laws and regulations. The best option for a hangar home is to ensure the space is big enough for both the aircraft and people living in the home space, while at the same time keeping any excess space to a minimum to save on building costs and upkeep. Since each situation is unique the designer will need to create layout options and floor plans to ensure the owner is happy with all aspects of the plan before construction begins. The designer must work closely with the general contractor to ensure the building is built as designed and they follow all local and state regulations and codes (including neighborhood covenants) during the construction process. Only an experienced hangar home designer will ensure all options available to you are considered and discussed with you during all stages of the design and building process.