Tips From The Hangar Home Designer

by KenRisley on December 24, 2013

For those who decide to live in an airport community, considerations for designing hangar homes should be made to ensure that lifestyle and comfort needs are met. Due to the complex nature of these types of properties it is best undertaken by a professional. The following tips are provided by the hangar home designer to ensure that the best possible results are achieved. The design of the home will be based on the regulations and restrictions that have been established within the area. Such methods will influence the overall architectural features that will be included in the design from the size of the hangars to clearance requirements. Hiring a professional and experienced designer can aid in determining the size requirements and overall shape of the house in accordance with the regulatory measures and client preferences. Overall size of hangars should be assessed and will have to be implemented in accordance with the rules that have been established by the community. In most instances the codes for the area will determine whether you are able to build homes that are considerably large and offer a fair amount of space. In the United States the hangars that are of a considerable size will be subject to more restrictions in comparison to the smaller properties. Building a hangar with a size greater than 2000 sqft can kick in regulatory requirements and commercial standards that can make the design process more difficult. Professionals can assist in the provision of the necessary modifications to aid in achieving a hangar space and living space that is conducive to individual needs and meets with the codes. Owner requirements and wants will do a large part of determining the size. Designers and Engineers will advise on how to best design spaces per the standards of a modern residence. Designers can advise on the number of rooms, size, and the use of furniture to maximize space and add a trendy appeal. A beautifully designed space can be achieved with the right approach and considerations. Depending on the intended use, time will need to be taken to determine whether hangars will be attached to the home or be detached. That decision will be based upon preferences of the owner. See other articles for the pros and cons of each alternative. If the owner is intending to do home projects and airplane building or maintenance projects, the noise and the smells may need to be managed. This alone could dictate separating or not the hangar and the home. The hangar home designer will point the owner in the right direction and even encourages a fair amount of personal research into the various possibilities. Relying on a professional approach can aid in the construction of a functional and beautiful looking property. Designers and Engineers will adhere to building codes and still offer custom solutions for aesthetically pleasing results.