Design Possibilities With Hangar Home Architecture

by KenRisley on January 16, 2014

There have been some very innovative housing designs making an appearance on the market in the last few decades. A growing number of homeowners are looking for choices that allow them the option to be more sustainable, utilize alternative power sources or to just have something that fits their personal style a little better. The versatility of hangar home architecture is capable of meeting all of those requests and more. There is no single way in which buildings of this type must be completed. Because the design basically begins with a shell, and the living space is constructed within it, there are plenty of options. This is an easy concept to adapt to the purpose and style of each owner. A popular concept among flight enthusiasts who have access to airstrips is to build a house that allows them to literally live with their plane. The aircraft remains housed in the lower portion of the building as a car would be in a garage. The upper half is transformed into a loft style setting that can be separated into multiple living spaces or left as an open floor plan. Following along this same general idea is an option that fits a little better into a communal type housing area. The exterior of this style of structure is fitted with windows, doors, porches and awnings which gives it the appearance of a large two story home. This design usually features a large ground floor garage in the rear half with the front section and upstairs being arranged for family living. There are advantages to having the garage built into the lower half of the house, especially if one owns several vehicles, large trucks, boats, campers or jet skis that they wish to keep protected from theft or the elements. This same design works well for homes that are on plots of land large enough to require industrial mowers or tractors to cut the lawn. If all of the allotted space is not needed for machinery, it could always be used as a work room. Some hangars are also being transformed into apartment style dwellings. Because of the architectural makeup of this kind of structure, there are many varied layout possibilities. The open spacing and size allows for the division into several individual living spaces with or without a central corridor or courtyard. The prefabricated nature of this kind of structure, along with its height, allows the homeowner the opportunity to take advantage of several sustainable features. Solar panels and skylights can easily be installed long the roof to both harness the power of the sun to run the electrical needs inside and to provide natural warming during the day. The open design creates a natural air flow for better cooling. Of all the new ideas for affordable and sustainable living options, hangar home architecture is perhaps among the most versatile. The structural aspects of this design allow for easy application of solar energy as well as natural heating and cooling methods. This style is great for single or multiple family dwellings and provides great vehicle storage areas.