Hangar Home Architecture Is Useful And Unique

by KenRisley on January 16, 2014

Hangar home architecture is gaining in popularity with every passing day. The unique architectural design is both functional and stylish, and it offers homeowners a wealth of possibilities. The styles and sizes of houses with such designs vary greatly, leaving potential residents with a broad range of options. The general business of how such homes are designed provides much room for creativity and variety. One house made in the unique style might be modestly designed on a small lot. It could have plenty of windows, and of course, it would be built in the shape of an airplane storage facility. Such a place might be an addition to a neighborhood that is a subdivision. It may have two levels, with two bedrooms on the top level and one bedroom on the bottom floor. Another house could be similar in structure, but instead of being built for a single family, it might be made to fit four tenants or families. The building could be made specifically with the purpose of being split into four apartments, with two apartments on the top story, and two apartments on the bottom floor. A hangar house could be constructed of beautiful stone, and it may be located on a large and private lot of land. It might have a garage attached that could easily store two or three cars. The middle part of the house could be built high enough to call it a hangar-style of home, while the garage may be shorter in height. The homes are also found as large, mansion-style structures. While some individuals simply enjoy the design, many people buy them or have them built specifically to store their small airplanes. Such a place that is built like a mansion could have several floors, with at least 10 bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It might include a pool room, a movie-viewing room, and an on-site gym. Hangar mansions are appealing to numerous individuals who desire a lot of interior space. A house might be found on many acres of land that comprise rolling hills and natural water sources. The house on such a property could be built in several sections, or even several buildings, with multiple floors and an elevator in each section. The homes are available in a broad variety of architectural styles. One house might be made in a variation of the classic New England Colonial style. Another place could be built in the ancient Grecian style, with tall pillars at its front. A hangar house could be designed to look like a Queen Anne Victorian home, with turrets, towers, and round porches. A house might be designed to look like a cozy bungalow, but with the broad, high roof associated with most airplane hangars. A house may be built in a very modern style, with spare, simple lines and uniquely shaped features. The possibilities seem endless, for those who are interested in hangar home architecture. Whether one is looking for a single family cottage with a hangar shape, or a spacious mansion on a large piece of land, there are numerous options worth browsing. Some people seek such homes so that they can store their small planes where they live. Others simply appreciate the unique ways that such dwellings are designed.