Hangar Home Design Can Be Found In Numerous States

by KenRisley on January 17, 2014

Those who appreciate hangar home design can find such dwellings in a wide variety of states. The architecture is a type that appeals to a broad range of people, from airplane pilots to schoolteachers to corporate managers. Whether one seeks the design because it is elegant and unique, or because it suits the purpose of storing a plane at home, the options are plentiful. Potential buyers might consider such an abode in the state of Missouri. Missouri has both mountainous and urban areas, so people can explore city life and nature trails. A Missouri dwelling in which a resident might store an airplane could be designed in various ways. One example might be a modestly sized house with enough room to house a small airplane. The hangar might be located at the end of a small concrete ramp. Another such residence may be found near the northern section of California. There is more to do in California than a person could possibly accomplish in one lifetime. The house might have airplane storage in the back, with turrets and huge windows at the front. It could be located on a property that comprises a small, man-made lake that is suitable for fishing, swimming and water-skiing. The people who buy such a dwelling might gaze out at the lake every morning from an enclosed porch. A gorgeous home with a hangar might be discovered in the hill country of Texas. Texas is a state with countless attractions, from amusement parks, to a diversity of landscapes. A three-bedroom dwelling with space for a plane could be the perfect size for a family. A lake and a boat ramp might even be included in the property package. In South Carolina, residents might enjoy the many amenities that may come with such a domicile. People who live in this state are generally able to appreciate the unique aspects of living in a southern state. A home here might have beautiful pillars in the front, with plenty of huge trees providing shade across the property. The living room could have floors covered in gorgeous wood, with a fireplace and several windows. People planning a move to Florida may need to find a residence that can store their small airplane. Florida offers innumerable jobs, as well as countless restaurants, boutiques and attractions. A viable house for people with a plane might have a long driveway that leads to the house and the storage facility. The house might be surrounded by giant oak trees, and it might sit near a beautiful pond. Future homeowners in Oregon could seek property with an airplane storage area. Oregon has a climate that innumerable individuals appreciate. A residence here might rest at the edge of acres of land, with impeccable landscaping in the front yard. Such a house might comprise two stories, with an elaborate deck on the top floor. There seem to be countless abodes with hangars attached. A person might consult a blog for ideas, such as one in the category of Blog - Hangar Homes. Also useful are online listings for such domiciles. No matter which state an individual wants to live in, there will likely be dwellings available with the hangar home design.