Tips To Help With Finding Designs For Hangar Home Architecture

by KenRisley on January 17, 2014

Hangar home architecture may not be a term you have heard of before, but it has a growing fan base. This unusual approach to building incorporates an airplane hangar within the construction of the building. It offers a practical solution to pilots with small planes, by offering a place to store their plane and even a landing strip. When considering this type of architecture, the immediate image which may come to mind is a utilitarian building that resembles an airport. However, you might be surprised to find out that many designs actually have a very warm and welcoming look. You can find styles that cleverly mask the hangar element by locating it behind the house. In addition, many architects for this type of building engineer roof lines to harmonize, all but hiding the fact that an airplane storage facility is part of the home. Obviously, this design for architecture is a bit unusual so finding more information about it may take some time. Some places where you can find information include communities where piloting planes is popular. New Zealand and Australia as well as areas in the United States including Florida and Arizona are examples of locations where there is a growing community of amateur pilots. Many people who are interested in this type of house design take steps to network among these communities to find out more. In fact, there are a number of builders and architects who cater to these communities and provide tours of homes to interested parties. This is an opportunity to learn from the first hand experience of home owners to find out their impressions of performance and practicality. The Internet is another place where you can find much information on this unusual home style. As a matter of fact, there is an established online community of pilots from around the world who are exploring new options for building. Some of the resources which may prove helpful are blogs, forums and magazines hosted online for flight enthusiasts. Furthermore, online you can find a myriad of websites for individual architects and designers who specialize in hangar home building. Perusing these websites provides an opportunity to see portfolios including examples of past work. This can be a good way to get ideas and inspiration. There are a number of issues which are unique to this type of architecture and it is essential that you understand them before beginning a project. Ensure that you are aware of and obey all zoning laws as well as building regulations. There are areas in Florida where communities of hangar homes are based. This approach to building allows amateur pilots to share their lifestyle and also learn best approaches to building from each other. For further tips on hangar home architecture, you can find a vast range of tips available on the Internet via flight enthusiast websites. As always, you should be very thorough in your research to ensure that professionals and services you are considering are entirely safe. Not all information you find will necessarily be accurate, so use a common sense approach to finding the best sources.