Top Hangar Home Design Tips

by KenRisley on January 17, 2014

Hangars are becoming an increasingly popular design choice because of the various style choices and flexibility in its development. Modern residencies include stylish features with large glass doors and aesthetic appeal whether it is attached or separate from the hangars. With options for hangar home design, airplane communities can create a dream living space. When designing hangars, consideration for attachment should be made as it offers the benefits of convenience for pilots particularly in bad weather. Detaching the structure is best if it is going to be used as a workshop where a considerable amount of noise will be created. The hangar is meant to look natural and part of the home, which is the reason sustainable and high tech materials are selected in its development. Living spaces should include natural stone, wood, and glass for an aesthetic and aeronautical appearance. There is the option to incorporate sustainability and green solutions with modern appeal and technology for functional developments that reflect the aircraft and living requirements. Engineers experienced in such measures can assist in architectural design options and structural integrity. A large number of modern designs incorporate the idea of creating a house that is representative of the aircraft. An original development for pilots includes the use of the plane wings as a roof for the overall structure that should be discussed with a reputable engineer in the industry. The structures can also be built on slopes and locations of variable height for a modern and high tech appearance. There are a number of themes that can be used in the creation of an appealing, practical, and modern room for children living at the hangars. A great idea is to hang airplane models from the ceiling or to incorporate the pilot living environment by using sheets with an aircraft design or print. Soft tones and placing pictures on the wall of various types of aircraft is a practical solution, but should be kept to a minimum. For a large number of homes, a garden or courtyard offers peace and tranquility and can be developed with the placement of various types of pot plants and shrubs along the border. Consider vegetation that can withstand extreme conditions and offer sustainability with water wise environments. It is always a good idea to incorporate natural elements that will add a soft tone to the technical space. There are a large number of condominiums available that may include extended windows for a considerably spacious feel offering skyline views and natural light. The option to use a loft as a living and dining space is preferred and should incorporate modern furniture for both relaxation and working requirements. Edgy and contemporary artwork should be included to modify the space and improve the appeal. With the vast range of options for hangar home design making a specific choice can be difficult. Considerations should be made for the overall size of the property and the amount of natural light that will add to a spacious and attractive appeal. Rooms may reflect the high tech and aircraft theme without losing out on personalized living environments and practicality.