Factors To Consider In Hangar Home Design

by KenRisley on January 22, 2014

An aircraft hangar is a term used to refer to spaces whereby airplanes are kept or their garages, if you like. The type can vary from a simple space that just provides a shade to very complicated facilities that control all the elements in that particular environment. Though the planes are designed to fly it is essential that one constructs a good storage space and this article will elaborate on the different aspects to consider in hangar home design. There are several features that one can consider when it comes to design of personal hangars. In general, it is important for a designer to, first and foremost, put in mind the building codes set by the local authorities so as not to create code obligations that are expensive to build. When it comes to beginning the design process, it is advisable for an individual to determine the types as well as the number of aircraft which will occupy that hangar as well as to consider putting in an allowance for future aircraft that may occupy that space at a later date. Then one should next obtain physical characteristics of these planes from the relevant sources. While designing the facility it is also important to consider any services with regards to maintenance that will be performed on the aircraft to occupy the structure. Many folks have home-built aircraft which they, themselves, will be maintaining. Such maintenance can vary from simple work to the possibility of achieving a complete overhauls. A future hangar home owner will have a sense of how much maintenance he or she plans to do locally. The hangar should be designed accordingly. While the space may seem huge it would be wise to determine the most efficient use of the space in the hangar space. Be creative in design, and in use, to ensure no space goes to waste. Be sure to consider all aspects of the aircraft such as tail heights, the size of the entrance as well as other items that may occupy the floor area. Some folks place workshops in their hangars. Some will want an outside office in the hangar. Restrooms, separate to the home can be convenient parts of a residential hangar.  As such it is important to consider the various needs required for all the various anticipated activities. The professional hangar home designer will always keep the codes, as well as economy in mind as the design is created. Hangar home design should be done in such a way that the structure is relatively easy to build. There can be costly errors, if the designer is not experienced in this type of building, and avoiding them will save a lot of money and trouble. In the future, such design may evolve since the new aircraft are changing with more modern designs. A designer specializing in hangar homes will be keeping up with these changes. Also, keep in mind the security of the hangar. Again, this will be addressed as part of the design.