Facts About Hangar Home Architecture

by KenRisley on March 19, 2014

Hangar home architecture is an alternative house building approach that has a lot to offer for pilots. With these types of properties, the pilot can store a small aircraft within the premises. This is only possible with clever design of the engineer designer or architect. To learn more about this unique house building method, read the rest of the article. When designing your hangar home, there are a few factors you must consider first. Due to the uniqueness of these homes, it is highly advisable to choose an experienced designer who has knowledge about designing these properties. If you are intending to invest in such property, it is best to hire someone who can custom-design a unique plan for you. To learn more about the style of these homes, you may refer to the internet. There are many photos and videos containing design ideas. The World Wide Web is a great place to get suggestions and tips from fellow pilots. Furthermore, a number of resources contain useful information about flight enthusiasts that have come up with the latest housing developments. Pilots can find communities of hangar home owners throughout the country and across the world. A number of forums have also been created online, containing details of safety regulations, insurance, and building laws. You can easily contact the residents of these homes and ask to see their building style. With advances in construction materials and styling, you can now have a custom built property that is suitable for your needs. Some homes hide the aircraft storage premise through a number of methods. This could be in the back of the house, or integrated with the rest of the architecture. Again, it is best to deal with a professional designer well versed in this art. Hiring the right professionals for this project takes some time and effort on your part. However, you can make the task easier by using a number of available resources. Choosing the right design and setting aside a realistic budget for the project is certainly a good start. Just like most residential developments, there are bound to be restrictions. These can govern the hangar's size, architectural factors, and whether or not the design blends in with the rest of the house, etc.. An experienced designer should be familiar with all the regulations before starting the project. As aircraft storage facilities can vary from small to large, there may be some setbacks with your design. You must discuss your requirements with your designer and overcome any challenges. If possible,  the hangars are placed on the lower section of sloped premises to allow the home to blend in with the hangar. Some people do not wish to connect their homes with the hangars. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this, but overall, pilots prefer to connect the hangars to their properties. It protects the aircraft from adverse weather conditions and allows the owner to access the airplane without being exposed to weather. If you are designing your own unique property, you should consider the impact of sounds that may enter your home. Take all these into consideration before proceeding with your plan.