One of the most frustrating things contractors face is the expectation from the public that estimates are free and are a necessary first step to any possibility of a serious dialogue. It has become part of the culture to expect this valuable service from the contractor. It is common that a prospect will contact several

Remember the old purple 1985 Code Book (for those of us  operating in 80’s)? That was the entire Code – and, quite adequate by many accounts. The picture to the right is my own copy which I still keep up on the shelf for occasional reference. Most recognize that the Codes prior to 1992 were

The Building Profession is traditionally slow to change and adapt to new methods and materials. One example is the use of OSB sheathing verses the “good-ol” CDX plywood. I still find, in 2011, some builders who have never used nor plan to use OSB. When asked why, their answers seem to boil down to a