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How Hangar Home Architecture Is Changing

by KenRisley on June 25, 2014

Parking an airplane on your residential property might seem like a pipe dream. In reality, however, hangar home architecture has seen major advancements over the past few decades. This has allowed people to store aircraft in, under and nearby their abodes. This is one of the most unique lifestyle choices out there. Fortunately, skilled teams of engineers and designers are making it possible for consumers to get original layouts and design options that are best-suited to their needs and intentions. This means that there is a much greater array of property features that can be included into these projects. In times past, it was often necessary to keep aircraft parked in a field or hangar nearby the home. These required a much greater amount of space and they lacked the clean aesthetics that are so appealing to most modern consumers. Although this extra space might be readily available, many homeowners are eager to appropriate it for other purposes. This is actually the basis of the designs for many modern hangar homes. People want efficiency and clean aesthetics. As a result, they are often seeking realistic design strategies for consolidating their storage so that more use can be gained from the structures they create. For instance, hangars can be designed for accommodating planes, boats, ATVs, cars and many other recreational and everyday vehicles. Hangars can also be used for both plane storage and aircraft (or other) maintenance. These structures can be used to create the ideal workshops for plan enthusiasts. Thus, if your like working on your plane or have other major hobbies and projects that you wish to tend to at home, your hangar home designer can create a design that provides ample room for a diverse range of activities and needs. This level of usability will also free up more living space for the preferred activities of other household residents, so that a single hobby is not dominating the majority of the available space. Compliance with airport regulations is essential.These are often covered in the Home Owner's Association documents.  It is also vital that these structures adhere to all local building codes. Depending upon the size of the craft and the need for hangar space, codes can actually be more lenient than people expect. Working with the right hangar home designer will allow property owners to discover all of the best strategies for lowering their costs and simplifying the necessary project approval processes. These efforts will make it possible for homeowners to invest more time and money into their projects overall so that they are getting more impressive structures with greater levels of convenience and usability. Adherence to basic rules concerning soundproofing will make the property more enjoyable overall. This is especially true when planes will be parked within or beneath the actual living structure. Safety regulations are also vital and these help consumers to meet all requirements for the essential home and hangar insurance that must be bound when investing in these structures. Fuel storage and usage can be a factor as well and building plans must be cognizant of the needs of fire protection among other things. With the right design team on board, getting a functional and attractive design will prove all too easy.
Having your own airplane comes with many advantages. You can enjoy a type of freedom that most people can only daydream about. If you would love to have your own airport (and live there), custom-designed hangar home architecture can make that dream come true. Plus, it may be much easier and more affordable than you think. Perhaps you are a long distance commuter or you take frequent trips in your plane. It could be very time consuming to travel back and forth from a local airport. Also, keeping your airplane safe and secure at an airport can be very expensive. That is why many pilots choose to have hangars as part of their homes. This is the most convenient way to fly, and you will not incur airport storage fees and charges. If you check online, you may find a wide variety of plans for airplane houses. Many of these plans are efficient and make excellent homes. However, these plans do not take into account your special needs and wants. For instance, you may wish to have a multiple car garage, or perhaps a ranch style house with special features. When you use generic plans you get generic results. Yes, it is possible to take general plans for a house and change them the way that you want them. However, it is much simpler and easier, in the long run, to start from scratch and design a house that perfectly fits your lifestyle. This is why you should consider hiring a professional hangar home designer who is experienced in that particular area. Most designers and architectural engineers can draw up plans for your property. You will have a great deal of input in the matter. Yet, if the professional is not experienced with hangar houses, you may be missing out on some very important design features. The best airplane property designers understand the needs of pilots completely because many are pilots themselves. As an example, Ken Risley designed and has lived in his own hangar home for nearly a decade. A pilot/designer can give you the most advanced and convenient concepts in home design today with aviation in mind. Your house will be built with today's features, and also those of the future. For instance, you may wish to purchase a larger plane someday. Maybe you would like to have more than one. Your property design will take these things into account. If you have a talented designer and engineer, your house will contain everything you desire. It will be functional and make your life much easier. However, it also will provide something else, and that is eye appeal. The best custom designed hangar homes are some of the most beautiful properties on the market today. In fact, many consider these properties to be works of art. A top professional designer is not there to show you everything that he or she can do. Designers work with you and combine your ideas with their own to come up with the perfect hangar home. The home designer of the 21st century does not simply work with two-dimensional pencil and paper. Everything is explored in living color and in three dimensions. This gives you an accurate preview of your new property. Making changes is as simple as pointing and clicking. But remember, just as a word processor does not write a novel, unless in the hands of an artist, no matter how sophisticated his tools, no computer program will make a great designer. It is an art shaped by knowledge and experience. Choose well and you will never regret your decision.
Hangar homes are usually found in airport communities. They provide appropriate storage for small planes and they are also useful for other purposes. If you are planning to construct this type of structure, it is vital to know the essential factors to consider. Hangar home architecture requires specific skills and should only be handled by experienced professionals. Although the project will have to be handed over to a competent professional, you also have to become familiar with the pertinent rules and regulations of this aspect of structural design. You will then know what you are permitted to do and the restrictions that may exist in your local area. In addition, the knowledge you will acquire will make it easier to communicate with the design firm that you hire. The location of the site is an important factor when you are thinking about hangar homes. In general, the ideal surface is the one that is flat. However, it is also possible to make use of sloped grounds even though they have some challenges. In areas that are not flat, the plane storage is usually constructed on the lower section and the home in the higher ground. Consideration should be given to the other uses of the house, apart from the storage of your plane. Some homeowners may choose to also use it as a car garage or to store boats. If the space is large enough, it can be used for holding meetings and workshops. If you want to use it as storage for a recreational vehicle, the structure's ceiling must be high enough. You can choose to attach the structure to your home or to make it a separate building. Attaching it to your house can give you a number of benefits. This provides easy access on days of bad weather. Alternatively, separating it from your family's living quarters is a good idea if you want to avoid the smell and noise that may sometimes come from the hangar. It is advisable to obtain information on the type of doors that are available. The three basic types are the hydraulic, bifold and accordion. Each one of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your designer will let you know the pros and cons of choosing any of them. The best type for you is the one that will provide the needed functionality at a price that is affordable. Adequate consideration should be given to the issue of fueling. You can choose to fly out for fuel or keep a fuel tank in the hangar. In some cases, there may be fuelling areas within the property that you can utilize. If you choose to fly out to get fuel, you must always organize your movement properly to accommodate fuel stops. These are some of the points to think about when considering hangar home designs. It is vital to hire an experienced designer who thoroughly understands the salient issues of this type of construction. Hiring a designer to create a custom design for you is vital because of the uniqueness of each location.