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Hangar home design is an unfamiliar term to many. Yet, this unusual style of architecture is growing in popularity as more and more pilots opt to live with their airplanes. Whether you have no experience in this topic or are interested in purchasing a home in this style, the following guide can help you to find out more. This unique approach to building is designed for amateur pilots and their families. Believe it or not, this style of building incorporates an airplane hangar as part of the house. This might conjure images of oddly shaped, utilitarian structures. To the contrary, this architectural approach is constantly developing to be more subtle and welcoming. In fact, with some houses, the untrained eye would not realize that there is anything unusual. There are a number of clever ways that designers and engineers use to mask the hangar within the envelope of the home. One approach uses landscaping. Ground that is slightly sloping can be used to hide the height required to house an airplane. Another strategy is to adjust the roof line of the hangar and the main house so that they are at equal heights. This helps to create a sense of harmony and blending in. Furthermore, many hangars are located behind the house and resemble a garage. The methods which designers employ to create more attractive house designs are seemingly endless. As well, the growing enthusiasm for this type of housing has contributed to an exploration of new methods and design strategies. Needless to say, there are very particular considerations for clients who are considering hangar homes. Insurance, zoning laws and safety precautions are just a few. Thankfully, there is a network of flight enthusiasts throughout the world who are investigating the latest developments in this type of building. These groups connect through local clubs as well as the Internet. There are a number of online forums and blogs which are dedicated to hangar home architecture. If you are interested in learning more, checking these out could be a good place to start. It is also worth noting that there are a number of communities throughout the country which incorporate this style of building. It may be possible to arrange a tour to help you to learn more. You can find a list of hangar home communities on this website. For further tips on this subject, you can find relevant articles in piloting magazines. In addition, some flight schools may be a source of information. You might fine book stores with helpful guides for trained pilots on everything from equipment to lifestyle. In addition, a local library might be a good place to conduct research on unusual architectural designs. Lastly, keep in mind that not all information you uncover will be reliable. If you are considering taking on a project involving hangar home design, it is essential to be thorough and adhere to all legal requirements. This requires a significant time commitment, research and costs. However, many devoted fans of this type of home are happy to make these investments in return for the ideal property.

Important Things To Consider In A Hangar Home Design

by KenRisley on January 22, 2014

Many pilots today are considering a hangar home design. Before embarking on designing this particular kind of abode there are various things a person needs to consider. Below are a few tips to take into consideration concerning the abode. It is important to determine what sort of hangar door will be used. Doors for hangars basically come in three kinds: bifold, hydraulic, and accordion . There could be other kinds but these are the most popular. Hydraulic doors are normally hinged at the top and are opened as a single slab. They act as a detached roof in the open positions shielding the region immediately outside the hangars. This is great when one is washing the airplane. It is the one I have - much by my own preference. These can be a bit pricey but are popular. Another popular door used when designing hangars is the bifold door. Bifold doors usually have straight hinges, normally just one horizontally at the middle. They are normally raised with chains or belts and are likely to be raised from the bottom up. The other kind of door is the accordion door which is less common but very practical. This type of door requires a track at the bottom and top and may easily be pushed to the side to open the area. A great benefit of using an accordion door is that it does not need electricity to function. Looking at different kinds of doors is a great idea so that an individual may make a well informed choice as to the kind of door to choose. The structure over the hangar's door is another critical thing to take into consideration. Doors of hangars are normally fairly wide varying from at least forty feet up to more than fifty five feet wide. The beam or header straddling across the top part of the door ought to be taken into consideration structurally. A designer engineer will design the most efficient method for this. A great way to manage this is by erecting an I-beam made of steel across the door to aid in holding the roof's weight. There are a number of drawbacks to this including increased costs of construction because of the steel fabrication concerns. Another hindrance is that the beam bottom will normally fall well beneath the ceiling causing the door to be shorter than the height of the ceiling. Another, possibly better way to deal with this is to use a customized gable roof above the hangar's door. This lets the roof's truss system act as its beam. Normally, the truss that spans above the door is multi-ply and its bottom may be even with the ceiling height. This lets the door to be much higher and just about the same height as the hangar's ceiling. These are just a few points to take into account regarding the hangar home design. Because of the uniqueness of these homes, it is advisable to find a designer who is experienced in designing this kind of abode and who preferably personally stays in such a dwelling place. This will help him in understanding the different kinds of designs and which one is the most suitable in different circumstances.

Factors To Consider In Hangar Home Design

by KenRisley on January 22, 2014

An aircraft hangar is a term used to refer to spaces whereby airplanes are kept or their garages, if you like. The type can vary from a simple space that just provides a shade to very complicated facilities that control all the elements in that particular environment. Though the planes are designed to fly it is essential that one constructs a good storage space and this article will elaborate on the different aspects to consider in hangar home design. There are several features that one can consider when it comes to design of personal hangars. In general, it is important for a designer to, first and foremost, put in mind the building codes set by the local authorities so as not to create code obligations that are expensive to build. When it comes to beginning the design process, it is advisable for an individual to determine the types as well as the number of aircraft which will occupy that hangar as well as to consider putting in an allowance for future aircraft that may occupy that space at a later date. Then one should next obtain physical characteristics of these planes from the relevant sources. While designing the facility it is also important to consider any services with regards to maintenance that will be performed on the aircraft to occupy the structure. Many folks have home-built aircraft which they, themselves, will be maintaining. Such maintenance can vary from simple work to the possibility of achieving a complete overhauls. A future hangar home owner will have a sense of how much maintenance he or she plans to do locally. The hangar should be designed accordingly. While the space may seem huge it would be wise to determine the most efficient use of the space in the hangar space. Be creative in design, and in use, to ensure no space goes to waste. Be sure to consider all aspects of the aircraft such as tail heights, the size of the entrance as well as other items that may occupy the floor area. Some folks place workshops in their hangars. Some will want an outside office in the hangar. Restrooms, separate to the home can be convenient parts of a residential hangar.  As such it is important to consider the various needs required for all the various anticipated activities. The professional hangar home designer will always keep the codes, as well as economy in mind as the design is created. Hangar home design should be done in such a way that the structure is relatively easy to build. There can be costly errors, if the designer is not experienced in this type of building, and avoiding them will save a lot of money and trouble. In the future, such design may evolve since the new aircraft are changing with more modern designs. A designer specializing in hangar homes will be keeping up with these changes. Also, keep in mind the security of the hangar. Again, this will be addressed as part of the design.