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Top Hangar Home Design Tips

by KenRisley on January 17, 2014

Hangars are becoming an increasingly popular design choice because of the various style choices and flexibility in its development. Modern residencies include stylish features with large glass doors and aesthetic appeal whether it is attached or separate from the hangars. With options for hangar home design, airplane communities can create a dream living space. When designing hangars, consideration for attachment should be made as it offers the benefits of convenience for pilots particularly in bad weather. Detaching the structure is best if it is going to be used as a workshop where a considerable amount of noise will be created. The hangar is meant to look natural and part of the home, which is the reason sustainable and high tech materials are selected in its development. Living spaces should include natural stone, wood, and glass for an aesthetic and aeronautical appearance. There is the option to incorporate sustainability and green solutions with modern appeal and technology for functional developments that reflect the aircraft and living requirements. Engineers experienced in such measures can assist in architectural design options and structural integrity. A large number of modern designs incorporate the idea of creating a house that is representative of the aircraft. An original development for pilots includes the use of the plane wings as a roof for the overall structure that should be discussed with a reputable engineer in the industry. The structures can also be built on slopes and locations of variable height for a modern and high tech appearance. There are a number of themes that can be used in the creation of an appealing, practical, and modern room for children living at the hangars. A great idea is to hang airplane models from the ceiling or to incorporate the pilot living environment by using sheets with an aircraft design or print. Soft tones and placing pictures on the wall of various types of aircraft is a practical solution, but should be kept to a minimum. For a large number of homes, a garden or courtyard offers peace and tranquility and can be developed with the placement of various types of pot plants and shrubs along the border. Consider vegetation that can withstand extreme conditions and offer sustainability with water wise environments. It is always a good idea to incorporate natural elements that will add a soft tone to the technical space. There are a large number of condominiums available that may include extended windows for a considerably spacious feel offering skyline views and natural light. The option to use a loft as a living and dining space is preferred and should incorporate modern furniture for both relaxation and working requirements. Edgy and contemporary artwork should be included to modify the space and improve the appeal. With the vast range of options for hangar home design making a specific choice can be difficult. Considerations should be made for the overall size of the property and the amount of natural light that will add to a spacious and attractive appeal. Rooms may reflect the high tech and aircraft theme without losing out on personalized living environments and practicality.

Hangar Home Design Can Be Found In Numerous States

by KenRisley on January 17, 2014

Those who appreciate hangar home design can find such dwellings in a wide variety of states. The architecture is a type that appeals to a broad range of people, from airplane pilots to schoolteachers to corporate managers. Whether one seeks the design because it is elegant and unique, or because it suits the purpose of storing a plane at home, the options are plentiful. Potential buyers might consider such an abode in the state of Missouri. Missouri has both mountainous and urban areas, so people can explore city life and nature trails. A Missouri dwelling in which a resident might store an airplane could be designed in various ways. One example might be a modestly sized house with enough room to house a small airplane. The hangar might be located at the end of a small concrete ramp. Another such residence may be found near the northern section of California. There is more to do in California than a person could possibly accomplish in one lifetime. The house might have airplane storage in the back, with turrets and huge windows at the front. It could be located on a property that comprises a small, man-made lake that is suitable for fishing, swimming and water-skiing. The people who buy such a dwelling might gaze out at the lake every morning from an enclosed porch. A gorgeous home with a hangar might be discovered in the hill country of Texas. Texas is a state with countless attractions, from amusement parks, to a diversity of landscapes. A three-bedroom dwelling with space for a plane could be the perfect size for a family. A lake and a boat ramp might even be included in the property package. In South Carolina, residents might enjoy the many amenities that may come with such a domicile. People who live in this state are generally able to appreciate the unique aspects of living in a southern state. A home here might have beautiful pillars in the front, with plenty of huge trees providing shade across the property. The living room could have floors covered in gorgeous wood, with a fireplace and several windows. People planning a move to Florida may need to find a residence that can store their small airplane. Florida offers innumerable jobs, as well as countless restaurants, boutiques and attractions. A viable house for people with a plane might have a long driveway that leads to the house and the storage facility. The house might be surrounded by giant oak trees, and it might sit near a beautiful pond. Future homeowners in Oregon could seek property with an airplane storage area. Oregon has a climate that innumerable individuals appreciate. A residence here might rest at the edge of acres of land, with impeccable landscaping in the front yard. Such a house might comprise two stories, with an elaborate deck on the top floor. There seem to be countless abodes with hangars attached. A person might consult a blog for ideas, such as one in the category of Blog - Hangar Homes. Also useful are online listings for such domiciles. No matter which state an individual wants to live in, there will likely be dwellings available with the hangar home design.

Hangar Home Design With More To Offer

by KenRisley on December 12, 2013

Hangar home design options can provide a range of floor plans, layouts and living opportunities for people who have an interest in aviation and airplanes. Many people who are interested in hangar home design are pilots who want to store their plane on their property. Some people are interested in the design because of the space and the complex design that a hangar home provides their family. There are many very specific details that must be considered when designing a hangar home. The only way most people will understand the complexities of a hangar home design is by working with an experienced designer. A properly designed hangar home will provide a secure place to keep your airplane while providing all the comforts of home to you and your family. With a range of contemporary and modern designs to choose from, hangar home owners will be more likely to create a space suited to their unique needs and lifestyle. Most conventional homes and residential properties fail to account for your interest in aviation and the security of your plane. This is why the design of a combined hangar home may have more to offer in these circumstances. An experienced hangar home designer can work with you to ensure that all aspects of the designing process are handled correctly and to your satisfaction.  In addition they can, through the plans, work with the contractor to build the buildings to code and design. Since each hangar home is a one of a kind design, you need to ensure all of your expectation and needs are clearly communicated with your designer from the beginning. A properly constructed hangar home design will take into consideration all aviation safety and engineering requirements, along with ensuring everyone living in the home is comfortable and secure. When you consider the entire hangar home design you can see why they tend to offer more than meets the eye. The inside of the building can be designed in such a way to offer additional living space and storage space. This is true when the designer is made aware of your particular interest and needs. From the outside the home can be designed to be both practical and to have a very nice curb side appearance. The location of the hangar home on the property is something that must be closely reviewed and studied. Only an experienced hangar home designer can ensure all local and state laws are followed during the design and construction of your home. The location of the doors in relations to the runway or taxi lane must be carefully planned out so as to ensure easy access to the air field and fueling facilities.
It is when you work with a hangar home designer that you will become more educated in all aspects of the design and construction of your home. You will learn how a combined hangar home design has both pros and cons when compared to a building two separate building on your property. You will also learn how to bring your love of aviation into you home design in a way that will add both value and comfort to your life.