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When you want to build a hangar home, you must make an effort to give the job to reputable and trustworthy professionals. Planning and designing are very crucial aspects of this project. This is why a number of issues should be considered when you want to choose a hangar home designer. Look for a company that will ensure that the latest technology is utilized during the design and construction stages. You can find out the best companies by asking for recommendations. If you are planning to relocate to an airport community, many of your potential neighbors will be able to give you useful recommendations. It is also advisable to read reviews online about the companies you are evaluating. The testimonials provided by previous clients will enable you to know if a particular firm can offer the type of service that you desire. You may also call some of these past clients to find out if they had any problem with the solutions that were provided for them. The ideal designer will offer personalized service to each client. This is because the needs, preferences and situation of each customer are different. When there is easy communication, it will be easier to explain your needs and the type of result you are looking forward to. It will also be easy for the designer to give you information about the essential features of the building as well as the construction process. When considering the construction of a hangar home, it is very important to have the support and guidance of competent and experienced professionals. Although the specialist will work according to your specifications, the incorporation of all the vital elements will not be overlooked. Proper attention will be given to the usage of available space and the dimensions of the hangar. Technology is a vital issue no matter the type of building you are constructing. You can only get first class designs if you deal with proven, experienced designers and engineers. Their experience will enable them to evaluate your property and come up with the best plan for you. Also, working with someone well versed in hangar homes, as well as construction, can help you gain  a design that is beautiful and reasonable to build. Remember to inform the expert about any specific feature that you want. Communication, in both directions, is important. The quality of the hangar door that will be installed is also important. If the construction has adequate strength, it will be able to accommodate excellent storage capacity in the attic over the hangar. Some homeowners may also want one additional overhead door (in addition to the aircraft door) within the hangar. Of course, the professional will make sure that all construction regulations are followed. When the necessary details are attended to at the design stage, you will have no problems with the paperwork for your project. The firm that you hire can also help you to deal with the regulatory authority and you will receive updates of the progress being made. In cases where there is a glitch, you will not be left on your own. The contractor will ensure that any problem that comes up is handled efficiently and as quickly as possible. Remember, a good design is the key to a smooth, economical and beautiful project. Working with a designer who is passionate about hangar homes will be your best assurance of getting the results you want.

How To Hire A Reliable Hangar Home Designer

by KenRisley on April 16, 2014

If you own a small plane and you plan to live in an airport community, you may be considering housing your aircraft within your premises. The success of a hangar home construction project is dependent largely on the designer that you choose. Certain crucial aspects must be considered in the design of plane storage. This is why it is vital to hire a reliable hangar home designer. The ideal engineer or architect will have the necessary education and credentials in order to handle this task competently. Specific experience in hangar home living and design are very important. If you are dealing with a designing firm, do not forget to check for licensing and business registration. The firm should also have an insurance policy. Look for professionals with a good understanding of the local requirements and zoning regulations so that an acceptable design will be created. You can use the internet to conduct a search so as to create a short list of possible designers. However, you must investigate the history of the professionals you discovered through the internet by asking for references, or reviewing his or her data on their on-line portfolios.. You could also contact other pilots and homeowners who have constructed similar plane storage. They may be able to provide you with useful recommendations. Choose a professional that has a passion for hangar home design. In most cases, hangar homes will not be the only type of structures that the firm designs. Ensure that the person you are dealing with has handled several similar projects in the past. An experienced designer will have a good understanding of the issues that are important in this field. A portfolio of past jobs should be given to you on request. The ability to recognize potential problems and the presentation of practical solutions is very important. Proper attention must be given to the functionality of the structure but creative inputs are also needed in order to maintain the aesthetics or curb appeal. Although the open space will be designed basically to store your plane, it must also fit perfectly with the remaining part of your house. A design professional must be someone who communicates openly with clients. This is an attribute you should look for when you are evaluating prospects. Open communication makes it easy to know the likes and dislikes of the client. Clients will also find it easier to understand why it is better to follow certain recommendations or to leave out some features. Another factor is to learn the designer's methods of presentation. Do they do renderings? Can they produce "walk-through" videos so you can tour your new design before its built? Also, if not local, do they have a screen to screen meeting method? Screen to screen meetings are one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to meet since both parties are looking at the same screen and designs can be discussed on the fly during the meeting. Pay attention to how you feel when you are interviewing each professional on your list. It is vital to be comfortable with the person that you hire. Someone who will work closely with you to implement all your preferences.  This will make it possible to create an idealized living space. Pricing is another factor you should take note of when choosing a designer for your hangar home. The management of this project has to be properly balanced with your financial capacity. You may not get the best creative effort if you want to choose the lowest prices. However, proper comparison and research will enable you to find reliable architects with affordable fees.
Hangar home architecture is a popular style, especially for those who own their own private aircraft. Many airplane owners consider a hangar home to be an indispensable part of their lifestyle. An individual who chooses to design such homes might select from or create a broad array of styles. A hangar home designer, as well as an interior designer planning the interior details of such an abode, could implement a wide range of useful and appealing features. Because hangar homes serve the specific purpose of providing space in which to store an airplane, they are often shaped in unique ways. It is not unusual for a person to design such a structure in an A-frame style. An A-frame abode might be divided into a front section and a back section. The space in which to house the plane may be positioned in the front, while the living quarters could be built in the back. There are plenty of other structural shapes worth considering. Storage for a plane can be built on one side of a structure, with the living area encompassing the remaining space. A hangar might even be built as part of a garage that houses automobiles. In such a structure, space for the plane could be placed either in the center or on one side of the space that is designated for the cars. The outdoor features of such a property can be as exciting as the structural design of the dwelling itself. A long deck might overlook a gorgeous body of water, like a pond, lake, or ocean. Two patios may be built at the front and the back of the home, so residents can enjoy the views from both areas. To compensate for a hangar that is placed where a garage might ordinarily go, a wide carport could be added to one side of the house. A residence that has an area to store a plane can be divided into two buildings that run parallel to each other. Between the two buildings, a designer might provide an elevated walkway that connects them. Residents might utilize the roofs on both buildings to grow rooftop gardens, entertain guests, or simply to relax with family members. In the same way that the exterior area and structural design of such a home offer much opportunity for creativity, so does the interior space. In an abode with an A-frame design, a person might hang various items from the ceiling in the main living room. Some people even hang model airplanes, as a way of depicting the theme and purpose of such a residence. When the hangar of a home is positioned in the entire front section of the place, the back section that comprises the living quarters may be long and narrow. A good way to maximize such space is to add plenty of windows. Even the doors might be made of glass, so that the area appears bigger and wider than it actually is. Moving into a hangar home can be exciting. If the designer has created a dwelling that is both beautiful and useful, its inhabitants are likely to be happy. Those who design such homes can do so in a way that is functional and creative.