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The Requirements For Hangar Home Architecture

by KenRisley on June 18, 2014

Ever want to park your airplane right in your own hangar at your personal home? Fortunately, the latest innovations in hangar home architecture have made this quite possible. These projects require seasoned teams of engineers and architects who have a keen understanding of all relevant building codes and airport regulations. There is a lot that homeowners must comply with if they are to establish feasible, functional designs. Not only must their improvements be structurally sound and capable of safely accommodating any craft that they wish to store, but these must additionally comply with local soundproofing guidelines and guidelines for storing planes as well as fuel storage. Bearing these things in mind, many property owners are also seeking cutting-edge architecture that is wholly unique. There are currently a number of hangar homes across the world, each with their own daring looks. Rather than seeking to replicate these, consumers often hope to borrow a few of their ideas while incorporating many of their own. All building is custom and starting out with a custom design is important to assure that one gets all that he or she can from the process. For instance, some of the more basic designs in these properties allow for plane storage off to the side of the home. This is often the most practical storage solution as it allows greater maneuverability on the part of the pilot. Getting the aircraft onto and off of the property is no major challenge. A separation between the hangar and home can also remove the family from possible smells that can occur if one is doing building or renovation projects. The other option is to store the plan inside of the home or beneath it by elevating the home. In these instances, windows and walls should be sufficiently soundproofed for enduring all of the related vibration and noise. An experienced designer/engineer will know how to adhere to the intended budget for a project while incorporating all of the desired and essential structural and aesthetic features. Some homeowners require that these designs be capable of serving several different purposes. They want more than a hangar for storing their planes. For instance, they might have a range of recreational vehicles and equipment that they wish to place here as well. Boats, ATVs, auto fleets and other products can be safely and efficiently stored in a single place. This is often helpful for maintaining a clean and sleek property exterior while maintaining a broad range of hobbies and recreational activities. Another way in which hangars can be used by homeowners is by turning a portion of them into comprehensive workshops. This is a common request as it allows pilots and plane enthusiasts to conduct airplane projects from their own abodes. These can include all of the tools and amenities that are essential for making upgrades and repairs to aircraft. With each design, there will be a number of unique considerations that must be made. This is why it is considered "custom design". There are many details and points that will need to be considered. This is why it is extremely important for homeowners to carefully choose their design teams. This will allow them to get a functional and acceptable blend of convenience, usability and aesthetics.
Building a home close to an airport or right within an airport community is a very daring and unique way to live. This is often the ideal for pilots and airplane enthusiasts who want to have fast access to the runways. These individuals are using all of the latest innovations in hangar home design in order to ensure that their abodes can accommodate their aircraft and hobbies. Parking a plane right by, beneath or even in your home is currently an architectural possibility. There is such an amazing array of ways to do this that people are not required to compromise residential aesthetics simply because they want to accommodate their hobbies. You can still have a very sleek and modern looking house, even while you accommodate a large number of vessels. These properties can be especially ideal for consumers who own planes, boats and other recreational vehicles. There are, however, a number of vital engineering concerns that must be made, especially when living in fairly close proximity to other people. Foremost among these are soundproofing concerns, given that aircraft can be extremely loud. This remains true even when owning a very small-sized and basic design. Working with a reputable engineer who has completed projects like these in the past is therefore vital. Your hangar home will not only look good and be perfectly suitable for your vehicles, boats and aircraft, but it will also meet all local codes and requirements. Implementing an expensive building plan while failing to comply can be a very costly, frustrating and time-consuming experience. It is far better to simply get the job done right the first time. Property owners have a number of additional structural requirements that they must adhere to. Beyond soundproofing, there are also many clearance requirements that must be met. These can be mandated by the nearby airport or by the local planning or building commission. All rules from each of these governing bodies must be accounted for by the project architect in his or her final designs. Fuel and the related fire hazard must be factored into this equation. Planes carry a lot of highly flammable fuel and thus, the builder must ensure that there are some safety precautions taken in terms of how the plane and its fuel carriage are stored. But there is also the need to consider what the buyer wants. For maneuverability, it is often best to have a plane stored near the property rather than housed within it. People are not interested in cookie-cutter looks as they know that it is possible to have movable facades that reveal large interior hangers, elevated designs that allow for plane storage beneath the home, by and attached to the home or separate to the home. A number of hangars are also designed to serve multiple purposes. People are certainly parking boats, ATVs and other recreational vehicles in here, but many pilots like creating professional work spaces as well. Thus, with the right engineers, designers (often the same) and builder managing a project, it is possible to get an impressive living environment, ample storage space for an aircraft and a comprehensive workshop for all hobbies and automotive or aircraft repairs.
When you want to build a hangar home, you must make an effort to give the job to reputable and trustworthy professionals. Planning and designing are very crucial aspects of this project. This is why a number of issues should be considered when you want to choose a hangar home designer. Look for a company that will ensure that the latest technology is utilized during the design and construction stages. You can find out the best companies by asking for recommendations. If you are planning to relocate to an airport community, many of your potential neighbors will be able to give you useful recommendations. It is also advisable to read reviews online about the companies you are evaluating. The testimonials provided by previous clients will enable you to know if a particular firm can offer the type of service that you desire. You may also call some of these past clients to find out if they had any problem with the solutions that were provided for them. The ideal designer will offer personalized service to each client. This is because the needs, preferences and situation of each customer are different. When there is easy communication, it will be easier to explain your needs and the type of result you are looking forward to. It will also be easy for the designer to give you information about the essential features of the building as well as the construction process. When considering the construction of a hangar home, it is very important to have the support and guidance of competent and experienced professionals. Although the specialist will work according to your specifications, the incorporation of all the vital elements will not be overlooked. Proper attention will be given to the usage of available space and the dimensions of the hangar. Technology is a vital issue no matter the type of building you are constructing. You can only get first class designs if you deal with proven, experienced designers and engineers. Their experience will enable them to evaluate your property and come up with the best plan for you. Also, working with someone well versed in hangar homes, as well as construction, can help you gain  a design that is beautiful and reasonable to build. Remember to inform the expert about any specific feature that you want. Communication, in both directions, is important. The quality of the hangar door that will be installed is also important. If the construction has adequate strength, it will be able to accommodate excellent storage capacity in the attic over the hangar. Some homeowners may also want one additional overhead door (in addition to the aircraft door) within the hangar. Of course, the professional will make sure that all construction regulations are followed. When the necessary details are attended to at the design stage, you will have no problems with the paperwork for your project. The firm that you hire can also help you to deal with the regulatory authority and you will receive updates of the progress being made. In cases where there is a glitch, you will not be left on your own. The contractor will ensure that any problem that comes up is handled efficiently and as quickly as possible. Remember, a good design is the key to a smooth, economical and beautiful project. Working with a designer who is passionate about hangar homes will be your best assurance of getting the results you want.