Planning to build? Need a design and plans?

In over 30 years as an owner, a designer, professional engineer and builder, I’ve learned the following:

  • We should not undervalue the value of good design and professional construction plans. Time and money spent here can save lots of money and hassles.
  • We should not begin building anything without custom-designed plans that are fine-tuned  for you.
  • It is important to begin construction only after fully understanding exactly how your project will look – from all angles.
  • It’s best to find one person who has the engineering and technical know-how but who also has excellent design skills and imagination.
  • It’s always best to work with a designer and Engineer who truly understands how construction is done in the real world.

The planning phase is no time to skimp.

But here’s about me:

  • I’m particular. I’m not done until my client is happy and excited.
  • I design and engineer simultaneously to make sure it does not only look good on paper, but can be built.
  • As of this date (Since 9/11 up through  Late 2016) I have designed and produced engineered construction drawings for 590 clients.
  • As of this date (Since 9/11 up through  Late 2016) I have performed engineering services and certification for 746 projects – these do not include the ones I also designed.
  • Prior to 9/11, I designed and built 92 upscale homes and commercial projects. I was the designer, the engineer and builder. It was pretty much just me. I had superintendents at times, staff, as needed, but mostly managed the design and construction (through excellent subcontractors)  by myself.

Technology and marketing have changed through my career. My earlier designs were hand done. Marketing was “word of mouth”. Today I use modern equipment and we have the internet and I have only recently began to collect testimonials and produce entries for any type of portfolio.