I worked with Ken designing a house. He is very detail oriented showing his experience by making the most out of the living area and having the rooms flow smoothly. I would definitely use Ken again

J. Sikorske


Ken did a wonderful job designing our home renovation. He also was very helpful providing advice and direction upon obstacles we encountered while building our addition. He was also very responsive upon my contacting him. I would strongly recommend Kenneth to anyone requiring an architect or engineer.

D. Rose

Ken does what he says he’s going to do and in the manner of time that he says it will take to have the drawings completed. I think he does a great job! I would recommend him for any size project big or small.

Todd F. Contractor


I have worked with Ken on multiple projects over the last five years. We have had some unique structural scenarios that required creative thought. Ken has always provide a practical solution that works from a contractors perspective. His valuable insight and designs have helped us successfully complete our projects on time and budget throughout the years.

E. Easterling


Ken is a highly capable Professional Engineer. He has provided the structural design on projects where I provided electrical and mechanical design. He has always been honest, capable and helpful. His structural designs are of the highest quality.

J. Whittum


Our newly renovated historic home shows Ken Risley to be a master in design, structure and engineering know-how along with an eye for aesthetic beauty. We enthusiastically support and promote the Engineer Designer and recommend him with highest regard.

J. Michels

I just wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure working with Ken Risley. He have been very responsive to our needs and have done a great job on the projects we have worked on together. I look forward to working together in the future.

F. Liner


We had hit a wall with our previous architect and needed to go back to the design phase. Ken understood our predicament and offered solutions to get us back to our vision of a dream home. With his innovative 3-D design program we could feel confident that what we envisioned matched the actual plan. No other way to design a plan in our opinion. He demonstrated his expertise and knowledge by redesigning the house to our specific ICF system. Ken is an excellent listener and patiently accommodated every little change that we requested. We highly recommend his exceptional work. - Supplemental: Hey Ken! Just spoke with Bill R***. He is so impressed with your plan! The compliment was on your precision and excellence of design ????

Eric and Dawn Murphy


Ken is a superior structural engineer whom I've had the pleasure to have worked with, looking forward to another project with him on board

Robert Ford


Ken's unique combination of experience in engineering, design and contracting was invaluable to me. I really appreciated his insights, suggestions and patience through several changes as we developed our plans. Knowing we have the plans we wanted with solid engineering and field experience in construction behind them gives us the right start for our project. If you're looking for a designer, speak with Ken and I think you'll find an expert who cares about his customers. That's what I was looking for and Ken didn't disappoint.

Roger Dugan


Ken did a wonderful job taking our unique home design ideas and making them a reality. His architectural and engineering expertise helped us design a truly custom home. He saw the design completely through to the end and is now helping with troubleshooting and advise during the construction phase. We are greatly benefiting from his years of experience in the field on construction sites of all kind. We highly recommend the overall experience.

Shad Wilson


I want to briefly share a most satisfying experience I encountered recently in a new business relationship with Mr. Ken Risley, P.E..

I am a Florida General Contractor and recently went back into business since the bottom fell out of the building construction industry in the year of 2007.
Since being out of the industry for some 5 year, most of my contacts were gone and I was in need of a good Architect/Engineer for an important project.

I met Mr. Risley thru a mail card advertisement and thank God this time I responded and made an inquire.

Ken quickly gained my confidence and satisfaction. His response to my needs as well as my time structure was very professional and impressive. He went far beyond my requirements and expectations and provided outstanding service with great professionalism, integrity and perfection in all aspects along with very competitive pricing.

I wish to make my experience and feelings towards Ken known to him as well as to the construction industry and the public. His terrific performance was very instrumental in my success on the project.

Thank you Ken so much for your help and consideration which you provided to my project and my self. I look to a long turn working relationship.

Wayne B. Schilke Owner/General Contractor


A good combination of technology and experience has made my guest house project a positive one. I really appreciate the quick response time. Thanks Ken!

D. Harris

We had a tough situation with requirements for a variety of structural issues as it concerned a 1960 wood frame home and wood frame addition. These issues concerned state zoning and county approval of building materials and installation methods used. The Engineer Designer, Ken Risley, was exceptional not only in his understanding of technical engineering issues and county code requirements, but also in the extremely relevant experience provided which helped us navigate through state and county requirements much more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the Engineer Designer was extremely professional in the timeliness of work product provided and the reasonableness of the fees charged for services rendered. I would highly recommend Ken Risley.

C. Roberts


I must admit I was apprehensive using the internet for structural requirements but I was pleasantly surprised. Ken listened to my needs, understood my budget and his plans sailed through the permitting process. Thank ken...look forward to doing more in the future!

Bob Gallucci


I cannot express the joy of watching our hanger home come to life under the detail oriented guide of Ken. His keen ability, to take our ideas and tweak them to be even better, was a talent that quickly impressed. We would use Ken again in a heart beat Thank you Ken!

Curt and Deb Welge

Ken does what he says he’s going to do and in the manner of time that he says it will take to have the drawings completed. I think he does a great job! I would recommend him for any size project big or small.

Todd F. Contractor


From the beginning Ken understood and listened to what we wanted and what our budget was. He was understanding with our design changes and knowledgeable in our high wind area near the coast. He took our idea for a beach style dream home and put it on detailed plans for all my contractors.

Alex and Andrea Munivez