We’ve got several videos that may be of interest.

South Florida Hangar Home
This is a Hangar Home with separate inlaw quarters, 4 private gardens (for a professional landscape artist), and many unique features. I call it the MAGA 7 Hangar Home.
Wyoming Hangar Home Teton 5
This is a beauty with a large hangar. It is located south of the Grand Tetons and sports several unique elements.
Hangar Home in Spruce Creek, Florida
This is a hangar home being built in Spruce Creek, Florida aviation community.
Hangar Home Video Walk Through - Built in Georgia
This hangar home consists of two hangars - a "T" hangar in the home and a separate hangar home. This has a guest area on the ground floor and living areas upstairs. There is a nice loft and two decks.
West Tennessee Hangar Home Video Walkthrough
I designed this one for a client in Western Tennessee. It has a Victorian quality.
Hangar Home Video Walk Through
This is a video walk through for a project in Baker, Florida.
Hangar Home Potential
This 2312 sqft home has a 40x40 detached building. A bit small for a hangar - but easily modified. Detached hangars are not my preference but are always a way to  design a hangar home project.
Texas Hangar Home - presentation to a client.
At times my client wants a simple hangar home design without a lot of complexities. Here is a presentation of a design for a Texas client which met his unique specifications. You will see some of the data he sent me and  how I solved the design problem. This is a typical presentation I provide my clients.
Presentation of an Alaska Hangar Home
The best way I have found to present a design, or a design change, is through video. This particular video is the presentation of a redesign for a client after he decided to make some changes to his original criteria. 
Hangar Ceilings - To Drywall or not to Drywall
A common question is whether or not to place sheetrock on the ceiling of your hangar. Folks do it both ways. Here is a brief discussion.  It's one of many decisions necessary when building a hangar home.
the MAGA 3 Hangar Home
This home is in North Carolina. It is a combined hangar and home. The hangar is 2000 sqft. It has a 3 car garage, a spacious interior, a dedicated music room and theater room, great gust quarters and a nice kitchen. Also has a nice dedicated workshop. This one will fit on most any site.
Airport Community Life
I shot this video which covers my leaving my airport home on a errand in the airplane and returning.
A Hangar Home - I call it the Split 4
This is a separate home hangar project with a massive, separate hangar which is being used for airplanes, RV storage, shops....you name it. It is connected to the home with a breezeway. The home has vaulted ceilings, a large kitchen, a flexible courtyard/garden. 
Wyoming Hangar Home Teton 3
This amazing hangar home sits with a unique view in Wyoming. It sports a massive hangar, decks and porches surrounding, a theater under the garage and 4 levels if you include the tower level for an amazing view. Hangar is large enough for some big GA equipment. A dream home for sure.