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  • PERMIT PLANS and any type of CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS so you can Pull Permits for your projects. Our best prices are based upon your Emailing to us all the particulars of the project. Photos, Surveys and Sketches work fine. Any clarifications can be made over the phone or by simple connection of our computer screens. Meetings are quick and effective.
  • Full design services, from scratch or your notes, or work with what you have already developed. While specializing in complete design projects it is recognized that many contractors have closed the deal based upon sketches or drawings already produced. This is NO PROBLEM – we will work with what you have.[/service]

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  • [pullquote align=”right”]We are routinely getting reports from others that it is becoming harder and harder to get anyone to return a call. This is beyond belief to us though we have experienced the same thing. This will never happen to you as our client.[/pullquote]Your Schedule is a priority.
  • You will be able to get hold of the office through a special access line assigned to your cell phone. If available you will get immediate access. If immediately unavailable (we have to get work done sometime) then your call will be promptly returned.



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  • It takes field experience as well as professional training to be an effective Engineer and Designer. No solution leave this office unless they are real and workable.


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Ken Risley – an Engineer and Licensed Builder

  • Designer and Engineer of Multiple Residential Styles: Victorian, Frank Lloyd Wright styles, Early 20th Century, Modernist (contemporary and unique), Spanish, [pullquote align=”right”]* Note – I’m not an Architect. I’m a Registered Engineer and have been producing full scale designs for decades. My seal holds the same weight as an Architect’s. Please see my article about “The Word Architectural” in the link below.[/pullquote]Mediterranian, Craftsman, Florida Cracker, Hangar (airport) Homes of many styles, Cottages, A-Frames, Mission Homes, Multi-Story Homes, Stilt Homes, Beach Homes, and many more of both standard and unique styles.
  • Designer and Engineer for Projects Ranging from Multi-Story Historic Building Renovations to Professional and Medical Offices and Churches.
  • Winner of the Aurora Award for Design Excellence
  • Mastering the Art of Design, Engineering and Working Directly with Clients for more years than I really want to think about.
  • See More on the “About Ken” page.
 See Article on “The Word Architectural“.