Let there be — DESIGN.

  • Before Construction, before the permit drawings, before any real action in the physical world, there comes the design. This is the purely creative part of the process and, by far, the most fun. This is the period of time when dreams take form into reality, a time when the potential thousands of paths towards that nebulous conglomeration of aesthetics, practicality, what you fell in love with as a child, that place you saw on in the Keys……all of them coallest to that single path of what shall be.
  • Communication. Communication is simply that action of impelling a thought from one being to another. That is done by way of a duplicatable drawing, one that you will understand, which shows what needs to be shown to communicate to you what it is that you were talking about all along, a even a brand new idea never before considered.
  • Visualization. Not all of us can visualize a final product based upon a plan view (the one looking down on the floor) and a few flat elevations. To remedy this, we will show three-dimensional rendering, enough to make it real to you as well as the floor plans.
  • Flash Videos – We are unique in that we will provide to you a Flash Video of your new design. It will be a walk-around and, occassionally, a walk-through of your new project. You’ll experience the design almost as if you were there.
  • PDF – PDF means “portable document files” and are simple files that are read with Adobe’s Acrobat program. This is a free program and is installed on most computers. If you don’t have it, click here for a free download. In this format we will send to you, by Email, the plans, the renderings, and the descriptions and whatever it takes to help you understand the design.
  • Comments please. The design process consist of back and forth communications between yourself and us. The process is easy, exciting and fun.
  • Once we have achieved your aims, we turn the project into final working, permittable, drawings.