Home Renovations – Getting a “new” home even if you can’t sell.

Is your home a bit obsolete? Do you need more space; perhaps another bathroom?; a larger kitchen? A new family room or porch?

As home owners we have generally solved this by selling our home and looking for and buying another. The market has usually supported that.

Sometimes we have purchased property and had that “perfect home” designed and built.

But, alas, the “economy”. Can’t touch it. Can’t even find it – but it is “there” and affecting many of our capabilities – or so we think.

It is an interesting exercise to step back and to evaluate what is really going on. Here we have millions of people in this country who want stuff, want new things, want improvements. Then, on the other hand, we have millions who want to produce products for us. They want to, for fair exchange, provide our every need want. But because of this “agreement” among people that all is not well, economically, many want quietly, many are willing to produce, but nothing happens.

I’ve found that to be a fascinating state of human affairs. If one were from another planet, and came to visit Earth, one might be bewildered as he observed at the people of earth who want and need yet do not, among themselves, produce all of it. Think of the starving people of this planet, those without clothing or homes, who want them, who are, basically, as capable potentially, as you and I. Yet there they sit – in poverty. What a state of affairs.

But back to the apparently reality we face today – and your needs and wants as to where you live.

If you find that you “want” a new space, yet feel that you can’t sell – consider renovating.

Just take a walk around your home – what could be changed that would radically, or maybe with subtlety, convert what you have into something new and exciting?

Maybe you have already done it. You might come up, or already have, half a dozen ideas.

Many can be done simply. Some might require a few wall changes, or a new slab outside. But consider the possibilities.

Many contractors, today, are looking for work. This will probably change as the cycle reverses. But for now, you might find some great deals with guys and gals that would create some magic in your home. Many material prices are lower now than they have been for some time.

So consider taking advantage of it.

Consider renovation.

The Engineer Designer can help with the planning, the engineering, the drawings, even the permits. We too want to exchange, fairly and ethically, to help you gain what you want.

Don’t completely agree with the “way things are”. Among good, ethical, productive people, there is always a way to have what you want.

Each of us is at more cause and more able to affect our own destinies than we may believe. We can make things happen if we choose.

Happy expansion!

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