Virtual Walk-Through

Consider that you have just had a home designed. You look at the plans and elevations, maybe a few perspectives, and struggle to fully understand what it is that you are studying.

Consider how nice it would be to be able to, at your own computer, in your own home, with software that you can download free of charge, to tour your dream home, not yet built, as though you were taking a stroll.

You walk room to room, through the doors, look left and right, look up and down, seeing the kitchen, the spacious living room, all the details. Consider that the walls, the colors, the textures are all close approximations of what will actually be in the home.

Walk through the front door, to the outdoors and take a walk around the home, levitate over the top of it, and fully view and fully understand the design concept.

Seems like science fiction. Yet it can be done with ease today.

At the Engineer Designer, our designs can be sent to you in a folder, complete with textures, and you load them up on your computer and begin the tour. You direct where you go, what you see.

This is an amazing ability – especially for the graphically challenged among us who have difficulty visualizing the flat drawings.

In my The Adventure of Custom Building, written many years ago, I spend time going over little tricks and exercises one can do to enhance this ability. But, now, through the technical miracles of the age, this is no longer needed. (By the way, this book has been updated to reflect current trends – look for download information on this website).

When you hire us to design your home or your renovation, we will, as part of the service, provide you a file and the data where to get the free download program (a small one) that you can use to view your new home. Just click and move the mouse and your float through the home as if you are there.

It is spectacular. I’m blown away by this new service am proud to offer it.

Update (2023). The above article is a bit dated. Today we take this sort of thing for granted. But, no doubt, it is a great asset to all of us, and one who really knows how to use it can be of great value when showing off designs.  Consider it part of our Design/Engineering services.