Discovering the Benefits of Light Sports Aircraft and Aviation Communities for Pilots

Hangar Home Loves Landing

Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) are an exciting area of aviation that has gained interest from both new and experienced pilots. While they have some limitations, they offer an affordable way for pilots to keep and fly their planes from their own homes. Aviation communities are a great solution for pilots looking for a place to fly their LSA planes.

LSA aircraft have certain criteria such as a gross weight limit of 1320 lbs (1430 lbs for seaplanes), a stall speed of 51 mph, and a level flight speed of no more than 138 mph. They are also limited to one or two seats, a single engine, fixed props and landing gear, and other reasonable criteria. Additionally, getting a license to fly LSA airplanes is easier than getting a full pilot’s license, which is a big advantage for many pilots.

Many older pilots worry about not being able to fly anymore due to a medical condition, but with LSA planes, there is no medical exam required to fly. This allows pilots to make their own judgment about their fitness to fly. In addition, experienced pilots may be seeking simplicity in their flying experience and want a plane that is less complex and uses less fuel than traditional aircraft.

Although simple in many ways, many of the new LSA models are made of modern composite materials and have sophisticated navigation systems and other avionics that turn the heads of even the most experienced pilots. With hundreds of manufacturers competing, prices are reasonable, and we can expect prices to come down even more as the fleet ages.

The biggest problem with LSA planes is where to store them. Aviation communities solve this issue by offering homes with hangars and shared runways. These unique communities allow planes of all sizes to taxi along the same streets as cars. Living in one of these communities, pilots can be flying within minutes of deciding to do so.

Building lots and even existing homes in aviation communities are available at excellent prices. Builders are looking for work, and now is a good time to take advantage of the situation. If you have ever dreamed of being a pilot, now is the time to see what is available in your local fly-in community. You can buy a pre-built hangar home or purchase a lot to build your own perfect home and hangar.

It’s never too late to take the action to land yourself in an aviation community. For seasoned pilots or those yet to learn, LSA aircraft and a personal hangar home are likely less costly than you might have predicted.