In Lafayette, Indiana, home of Purdue University, is nestled the flying community called Timberhouse Aero Estates. This small and peaceful community, consisting of 23 estate size lots, is perfect for any who love aviation, horses and outdoor activities. The property is less than an hour away from the Indianapolis Speedway and less than two hours

Located in North West Michigan, Torchport Airpark is a northern climate community located in one of the most beautiful regions of Michigan. It is tucked between Torch Lake and Lake Michigan and surrounded by hundreds of acres of beautiful forests. It is near Charlevoix and Traverse City on US 31. It is near clean lakes,

Jumbolair is a private use, gated community in central Florida which stands as one of the most upscale neighborhoods of its type in United States. Before I knew anything about it I used to notice on my cross-country flights north from Tampa that there was this massive airport runway out in the middle of nowhere. When

  Aerial fall splendor at Heaven’s Landing If you like the Mountains in northeast Georgia and are an aviation enthusiast, possibly one of the best marriages of those two inclinations is found at Heavens Landing.  Located just 3.5 miles northwest of the city of Clayton, Georgia, this “Heavenly” fly in community is considered by many

Pegasus Airpark is located just southeast of Phoenix Arizona. It is near many fascinating areas of the United States including Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Sedona. All these are within a couple hours flying time from the Airpark. Pegasus Airpark is unique in the fact that the taxiways and the roadways for cars

Hidden Valley Airpark is located just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area in northern Texas. It sports a 2650’ x 35’ asphalt runway and has a 500 foot overrun on the south and. The CTAF  is 122.9 and this frequency also acts as the switch to turn on the runway lighting. In case of IFR

Piney Creek Airpark is a residential aviation community located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. It is located in the largest remaining forest and plateau in the continental United States. It consists of a 303 acre residential development, surrounded by a hardwood forest, centered around a 3000’ x 50’ wide paved, private runway with

Ridge Landing Airpark sits near Frostproof, Florida about an hour’s drive from both Tampa and Orlando. It consists of 99 sites, running from 1 to 2 acres each, with grass taxiways and a 3000 foot long by 60 foot wide paved runway. It is a gated community and is unique in the fact that an