The Building Profession is traditionally slow to change and adapt to new methods and materials. One example is the use of OSB sheathing verses the “good-ol” CDX plywood. I still find, in 2011, some builders who have never used nor plan to use OSB. When asked why, their answers seem to boil down to a

Which is more desirable – a single or a multi story home? This is an intriguing subject which I am frequently asked. The reply is, as is typical with many such debates, ” It depends”. There are pluses and minuses to each. Let’s inspect the pros and cons of these two choices and then weigh

As the illusion of ever-increasing complexities and danger is amplified by 24 hour news and the apocalyptic shows on Discovery and the History Channel some may wonder if they need to better protect themselves in their own homes. Can one’s own home be a safe haven during the worst of storms? In 2004 and 2005

Energy is heat. Saving  energy is mostly about heat management. Let’s cover 10  basic actions to reduce energy usage in your home. These apply to new construction and existing residences. First, some basic science: A. Heat energy flows from hot to cold. Its speed of flow increases as the difference between temperatures increases B. Heat

– Stock plans can save time in selecting a home. Since the designs are done and there for your review, you can select quickly and save time. Usually the plans are displayed as floor plans and exterior views. Depending on the catalog you may get just one front view, and sometimes you’ll be able to