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December 2018 Update – I do not spend a lot of time updating the data on this chart. I have discovered another excellent resource to help identify Fly-in Communities around the U.S. – you can reach it here – Aviation Home and Hangar Map


Alabama Athens Beechwood Airpark   North South Runway – Designation in Application.
Alaska Sterling, Kenai Peninsula Alaska Airpark   AK01 – 122.9 Runway in 6/24 1750X50ft.
Arizona Aguila Eagle Roost Airport   27AZ – Runway 17/35 3906 x 40ft. Asphalt
Arizona Aguila Valley of the Eagle Airpark   27AZ – Runway 17/35 3906 x 40ft. Asphalt
Arizona Tucson Flying Diamond Airpark   6AZ8 – 122.9 Runway 07/25 2650 x 35ft. Asphalt
Arizona Queen Creek Pegasus Airpark   5AZ3 – Runway 08-26 5000ft. x 80ft. asphalt
Arizona Green Valley Ruby Star Airpark   14AZ – Runway 06-24 4300ft. x 50ft. asphalt
Arizona Chandler Stellar Airpark   P19 – 122.9 Runway 17-35 3913ft. x 60ft. asphalt
Arizona Bullhead City Sun Valley Airport   A20 – 122.975 Runway 3700ft. x 42ft. asphalt
Arkansas Clinton Holley Mountain Airpark   Runway 5/23 4795 ft long by 50 ft wide asphalt
California Ione Eagles Ranch Estates   CA20 – Runway 01/19 4000 x 100ft. Asphalt
California Groveland Pine Mountain Lake   E45 – 122.9 Runway 09-27 3625ft. x  50ft. asphalt
California Rosamond Rosamond Skypark Airport   L00 – 122.9 Runway 08-26 3600ft. x 50ft. asphalt
Colorado Elbert Kelly Air Park   CO15 – 123.05 Runways 17-35 3800ft x 36ft asphalt  09-27 1700ft x 50ft turf
Colorado Parker Rocky Mountain Airport   1C08 – 122.9 Runway 05-23 2200ft. x 70ft. Turf  Runway 18-36 2200ft. x 50ft. Turf
Colorado Erie Parkland Estates Airpark   7CO0 – 122.9 – Runway 08/26 paved. 2 miles NE of Erie, Co.
Florida Marion County Jumbolair Aviation Estates   17FL – 122.7 The airport runway is 7550×210 ft. and is asphalt. 
Florida Lake City Cannon Creek Airpark   7FL6 – 122.975 Canon Creek Airport has two runways  18/36 3500 paved – 09/27 400 turf. 
Florida 15 miles east of Sarasota Hidden River Airpark   22FA – 124.375 Hidden River has an asphalt runway that is 2550 ft x 50 ft. 
Florida Jupiter. Tailwinds Airpark   FD15 – 123.75 Tailwinds Airpark a paved runway that is 2.700 ft. long with a  300 ft. overrun.
Florida Located in Melrose. Melrose Landing   FD22 – 124.275 Melrose has runways 5/23 Asph 4600x150ft.
Florida Near The Villages Love’s Landing
  97FL – 122.9 Runways 18-36  3600ft (lighted) – 27-09 2500ft (two grass strips) This is Ken’s 
Florida Fort Myers Buckingham Airpark   122.90 Runway 14/32 4000 ft.
Florida Groveland Grass Roots Airpark   122.9 Runway 18/36 3400 x 250ft
Florida New Port Richey Hidden Lake Airport   FA40 – 123.0 Runway 05/23 4425 x 50ft. Asphalt
Florida Ocala Leeward Air Ranch   FD04 – 122.9 Runway 18/36 6200 x 165Ft. Pilot controlled lighting
Florida Panama City Sandy Creek Airpark   75FL – 122.9 Runway 09/27 3850 x 150Ft. turf
Florida Daytona Beach Spruce Creek Fly-In   7FL6 – 122.975 Runway 05/23 4000 x 176Ft. Asphalt
Florida Naples Wing South Airpark   FA37 – 120.075 Runway 18/36 4400 x 100Ft. Asphalt
Florida New Smyrna Beach Massey Ranch Airpark   X50 – 122.7 Runway 18-36 3852ft x 60ft. asphalt
Florida Melrose Melrose Landing Airport   FD22 – 122.9 Runway 05-23 4600ft x 150ft. asphalt/turf 
Florida Welaka Mount Royal Airport   3FL0 – Runway 08-26 2760ft. x 75ft. turf
Florida Frostproof Ridge Landing Airport  Featured 4FL5 – 122.8  Runway 15-33 3000ft. x 60ft. asphalt
Florida Lakeland South Lakeland Airport   X49 – 122.9 Runway 14-32 3115ft. x 100ft. turf
Florida Tavernier Taverno Aero   FA81 – 122.9 Runway 08-26 2075ft. x 80ft. grass
Georgia Roberta Gentle Landings   0GA9 – 122.8 Runway 07-25 4000 x 200Ft.  Grass
Georgia Clayton Heaven’s Landing   GE99 – 122.9 Runway 05-23 5062ft x 50ft concrete
Idaho Greenleaf Greenleaf Air Ranch   122.9 Runway 14-32 2500ft paved
Indiana Lafayette Timber House Airport   31IN – 122.75 Runway 09-27 3000ft. x 100ft. turf
Maine Falmouth Falmouth Airpark   5B6 – Runway 07/25 2298 x 40ft. Asphalt
Michigan Harbor Springs Harbor Springs Airport   KMGN – 122.8 Runway 10-28 4157ft. x 75ft. asphalt
Michigan Eastport Torchport Airport   59M – 122.9 Runway 09-27 3300ft. x 100ft. turf
Miss. Picayune Mint Julep Airpark   5MS5 – Runway 03-21 5800ft x 125ft. turf
Missouri Shell Knob Pilots Point Airpark
  MO00 – Runway 18-36 3950ft. x 80ft. turf
Nevada Dayton Dayton Airpark   A34 – 122.9 Runway 5/23 5343×75 ft.
New Mex. Edgewood Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport   1N1 – 122.8 Runway 09-27 4830ft. x 30ft. asphalt
N. Carolina Chapel Hill The Duchy Airport   5NC5 – Runway 03-21 3500ft. x 44ft. asphalt
Ohio Shreve Mohican Airpark   34OI – 128.325 Runway 04-22 2900ft. x 100ft. turf
Ohio Batavia Sandy’s Airpark @ Sporty’s   I69 – 122.975 Runway 04-22 3566ft. x 75ft. asphalt
Oregon Prineville Dry Creek Airpark   OG21 – Runway 7/25 3000 x 35ft. – Pilot control lighting
Oregon Independence Independence State Airport Support Group   122.8 Runway 16-34 3001ft x 60ft. asphalt
Oregon Wamic Pine Hollow Airport   32OR – 122.7 Runway 07-25 2433ft. x 125ft. turf/gravel
South Carolina Loris Myrtle Beach Hardee Airpark   SC21 – 124.5 Runway 18-36 3300ft. x 130ft. turf
South Carolina Lexington Whiteplains Airport   SC99 – 122.9 Runway 09-27 3000ft. x 35ft. asphalt
Tenn. Altamont Piney Creek Airpark  Featured 88TN – Runway 10/28 3000ft x 50ft.
Tenn. Oneida Big South Fork Airpark   KSCX – 122.8 Runway 5/23 5506x75ft.
Tenn. Chuckey Hensley Airpark   04TN – 128.425 Runway 01-19 3000ft x 50ft. asphalt
Texas Fort Worth Bourland Field Estates – AirPark/Fly-In   50F – 123.0 Runway 17/35 – 4092x60Ft.
Texas Comfort Comfort Falls Aviation Estates   3TA1 – Runway 17/35 2800 x 70ft.
Texas Anna Flying T Ranch   41TS – 119.925 Runway 11/29 2000 x 150Ft. Turf
Texas Shady Shores Hidden Valley Airpark   5TX0 – 122.9 Runway 16-34 2600ft x 35ft. asphalt
Texas Seguin Huber Airpark   E70 – 122.9 Runway 16-34 3415ft x 50ft. Asphalt
Texas Livingston Livingston Municipal Airport   00R – 122.7 Runway 12-30 3700ft x 60ft asphalt
Texas Canton Tailwind Airpark   1TA7 – Runway 4000ft. x 40ft. turf
Texas San Antonio Boerne Stage Field Airport   5C1 – 123.0 Runway 17-35 4340ft. x 60ft. asphalt
Wash. Yakima Falcon Ridge Aerodrome   48WA – Runway 07-25 2400ft. x 36ft. asphalt
Wis. Holmen Holland Airpark   36WI – Runway 18/36 3200 ft x 60ft asphalt
Wyoming Alpine Alpine Airpark   46U – 122.9 Runway 13/31 5850x50ft