As a specialist in hangar home design and engineering for the last 10 years, I have seen that many of my clients desire hangar sizes to exceed 2000 ft.².  This is reasonable given the way so many intend to use this residential space: multiple airplanes, tractors, motorhomes, antique cars and many other private and residential

The Appeal I am seeing more and more requests for hangar home combinations where the living area is built above the hangar. Around the Internet there are a few pictures of projects, some which have not yet been built, which show nice and neat depictions of this type of an arrangement. Its appeal, on certain

As a hangar home designer, I  occasionally get requests for a hangar home to be built on top of the hangar. Interestingly enough, I’ve not seen many of these actually built. In my own neighborhood of over 50 hangar homes we do not have a single instance of a hangar with a home on top. But

I was asked to write a guest article for another website about fire separation requirements in hangar home projects. Check it out. Ken Risley on Fire Separation in Hangar Homes        


There are many airport communities in the United States. I have heard that Florida, Texas and California have the most of them. However I’ve heard of these places in most every state. I live at one myself and usually am met with wide-eye’d surprise when I mention the fact. Most people have similar questions so

In 2004 I decided to focus all my professional efforts into the design and engineering field. This gave me the opportunity to do something that I had dreamed of for a couple of decades – the ultimate dream of most pilots: move into an aviation community. I designed our new home and we moved into